Do you love the idea of a 15 minute train ride straight to Jersey Airport?

You may have heard of the proposal to build an undersea tunnel from Guernsey to Jersey and ultimately on to France. Perhaps you dismissed it as an absurd pipe dream and continued on with your day, maybe you even thought “what a great idea, but it’ll never happen”. But it could!

Connect 3 Million​ is an initiative, launched in 2019, by a consortium of local businesses in support of investigating a fixed link between Guernsey, Jersey and France and Chamber have partnered with them so that attendees could hear from the real experts: is the idea feasible or fantastical?

Following the completion of two 11-kilometre undersea tunnels in the Faroe Islands, business leaders have been asking if a fixed link between the Channel Islands and France could now be in the realms of viability.

The fixed link proposals gained momentum when, on 27 October 2023, the Jersey Government announced a study to assess the economic advantages of establishing a fixed connection to France; the stated aim to improve access to markets, increase competition, widen the talent pool, remove natural barriers to industry and enhance tourism.

At this lunch event, attendees had the unique opportunity to hear from two of the worlds most respected and credible tunnelling experts on hard rock tunnelling: Arild. P. Sovik, Network Director at the Norwegian Tunnelling Society; and Teitur Samuelsen, CEO of Eystur- og Sandoyartunlar, the Faroe Islands government-owned tunnel corporation.

Together they offered their views on whether the outstanding economic and social benefits of undersea fixed links in the Faroe Islands could be replicated in the Channel Islands.

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